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Clay Beads - Small
Clay Beads - Small
Clay Beads - Small

The Dharma Door

Clay Beads - Small


Earthy and tactile, our string of hand-rolled Clay Beads are a simple, stylish way to introduce the current terracotta and clay trend into your home.

Display them in a bowl or tray on a coffee table or sideboard, or on top of a stack of books. Hang them from a coat rack or wall hooks to introduce a different texture to existing woven bags or textiles. 

Each string of clay beads is handcrafted by two artisan groups in Bangladesh. The clay beads are hand-rolled and fired by pottery artisans that have been practicing the craft for many generations. The pathi grass rope is harvested and hand-plaited by another group of Fair Trade artisans. As with all pieces in our collection, we aim to create as much work as possible for artisans by choosing handcrafted processes over machine-made materials.

90cms / 35.4in loop.

Largest beads are 2.5cm wide x 1.5cm high / 1in wide x 0.6in high