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The Dharma Door

Uttam Tote - Natural


The beautiful rustic exterior fabric of the Natural tote is a woven combination of natural jute and naturally-dyed brown jute.

Lined with a soft hand-loomed natural cotton, the Uttam Tote is suitable for the carrying clothing.

The strong handcrafted macrame handles are both sturdy and statement-making.

Featuring a unique texture, this tote has been crafted with care, using a combination of some very special techniques - natural dyeing, hand rolling jute (instead of spinning), hand weaving on backstrap looms, handwoven cotton lining, handcrafted macrame, and the final basket is sewn by women in a small Fair Trade sewing centre.

A true work of art, the Uttam Tote is hand made from start to finish by fair trade artisans in three different communities in Bangladesh.

54cm wide x 38cm tall / 21.3in wide x 15in tall 33cm x 24cm / 13in x 9.5in oval base 65cm / 25.6in long handles x 2 1 x 20 x 20cm / 7.9in x 7.9in zipped pocket + 1 x open mobile phone pocket

Spot clean only

Please do not machine wash as the bag will shrink Jute changes colour in the sun so be sure to keep it away from harsh rays