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Mika Tealight Oil Burner In Marble | Dark Emperador


Mika Tealight Oil Burner in Marble - Dark Emperador - Mika radiates an air of refined elegance, effortlessly infusing your space with its subtle yet captivating presence. Its minimalist design and soothing colour palette evoke a sense of tranquillity and sophistication. Crafted from exquisite Dark Emporador Marble, Mika transcends mere functionality, offering a luxurious experience as a tealight Oil Burner or includes the brass dish for an opulent oil warmer. The mesmerizing Dark Emperador Marble boasts a rich and deep colour palette, featuring exquisite shades of deep brown, elegant mocha, and hints of warm golden tones. Its opulent hues create an aura of sophistication and luxuriousness, adding a touch of refined elegance to any space.


- Assembled Weight: 1.6kg

- Exquisitely crafted from Natural Marble

- Embracing unique colours and variations in each piece

- Effortless upkeep, simply glide over with a damp cloth for pristine maintenance

Product Weight    2kg
Product Length    10cm
Product Height    12cm
Product Width    10cm

Please note that our collection features natural stone and marble, resulting in each piece being unique. Variations in veining, colour tones, and patterns are part of the inherent beauty of these materials. While we strive to provide accurate product images, please expect slight differences between the displayed images and the actual item you receive, adding to the exclusivity and individuality of your purchase. Kindly take note of the exquisite nature of our decor items crafted from premium Natural Marble, as they exhibit both considerable