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Write To Me

Family Gratitude Journal - Stone


This journal has been created as a tool for parents to teach their children about living a grateful life and practising daily acts of kindness. It is never too early to teach your children all about living life in gratitude - how to feel grateful for what you have, for those who love and care for you, for the kindness that people show and for the experiences that enrich and inspire.

This journal is a beautiful way of bringing family together at the end of every day and sharing answers to the following four statements:


Today I am grateful for 

People I am thankful for 

The best part of my day

My act of kindness

Each page also features a quote that can be used as a prompt to start conversations that open children’s minds further to understanding how to be thankful. Also, to give guidance on how to emotionally cope with everyday life situations.


This journal can become an ongoing family ritual that will create great memories to look back on with gratitude, and of course if there are no children in your family it is still a special place to reflect every day.